Online Hotel Reservation – OHR


  1. Confirmation emails: Sent to user and hotel owner to confirm unconfirmed booking (including a link for PayPal site for online payment of the deposit amount and another link for to pay via credit cards. The links are shown if the online payment process is defined in the hotel profile).

  2. Deposit Amount: The hotel administrator may define a ratio to be applied to the total accommodation cost to be paid as down payment to confirm booking. The default value is assumed as 100%. The remaining value will be paid on check-in.

  3. Notification email: after confirmation of unconfirmed booking email is sent to user notifying the confirmation of his booking. The Confirmation is done either by online payment via PayPal or or by the hotel administrator.

  4. Contact us page: In which will allow customer to send any problems or inquires.

  5. Confirmation delay: the time in days (fraction of a day is accepted) after which the unconfirmed booking will be deleted. The default confirmation delay is 0.5 day. Hotel administrator can change it in Hotel Profile.

  6. Daily room availability: Hotel Administrator optionally can define daily price and total number of rooms available for booking for each room type. If this feature is enabled for a hotel, the calendar will display undefined days as unavailable for booking.

  7. Booking History: Guests or Travel Agents can view their past booking and can modify or delete them. Hotel Administrators can view all hotel booking and can modify booking, change status, or delete the booking.

  8. Print Invoice: In booking history, users of any type can select any booking to print the invoice including the details of cost elements.

  9. Taxes: Hotel Administrator can define any number of taxes’ types to be applied to booking. The taxes defined might be either a fixed value added to the total price or a ratio of the total price (price per night times the number of nights).

  10. Availability Calendar: It shows two months at once. The days of the calendar have different colors depending on the booking availability for the current room type. The user can select any two days on the calendar to determine the period of stay in the hotel. The first date (earlier date) is considered as the check in date (arrival date) and the second date (the greater date) is considered as the last date in the hotel. That is, the departure date (check out date) is the day after the last date in the hotel.

  11. Reservation Form: Users may use reservation form to select arrival date and enter number of nights. The cost will be calculated automatically and the selection will be shown on the calendar. For booking, the user must log-in or register as a new user before clicking on the button [BOOK NOW].

  12. User Management: Hotel Administrator can (Add/View/Edit/ and Delete) users of types Guest/Travel Agents/ and Hotel Administrators) to his hotel.

  13. Room Management: Hotel Administrator can (Add/View/Edit/ and Delete) room types and rooms of each type. He may upload a theme photo for each room type and a detailed description of the type.

How to Register a Hotel:

  1. OHR site address is This site.

  2. Click on the link "ADD YOUR HOTEL" on the left.

  3. Fill the registration form and click update.

  4. You will receive email to the email address you entered in the registration. So this email must be real in order to complete the registration.

  5. Click on the activation link in the email message to activate your registration. If you do not activate your registration within 7 days Your record in the database will be deleted.

  6. The activation will open a page. Click on administration function and enter you admin id and password in order to add the rooms of your hotel.

  7. Add room types and then open each type for editing and enter rooms of that type.

  8. You may add taxes.